To perform massages to your couple you do not need a course or a specialization, only desire and sensuality, travel the body with your fingers and with the help of oils so that they slide easily, look at the body of your partner with desire and enjoy the process because you also win.

Massage is an excellent way to pamper your couple and recreate your sight and touch. If you let your imagination run, a massage will not become a routine and a boring task, but in the pleasure, where the awakening of the senses can lead to increasingly intimate and entertaining relationships.

The first thing you should identify are the body parts preferred by your partner and where the sensitivity increases. For some it will be the back, which can be traversed slowly varying from lower to higher strength. For others it will be the neck, the head and the part that surrounds the ears. While you give the massage you can accompany the activity with soft music that encourages imagination and relaxation.

The whole body, literally from the feet to head, have erogenous and more sensitive zones, which you will have to discover through the hands and with all your senses, which will be arranged with or receiving antennas to detect the places where the pleasure increases or decreased. If your partner likes something, why not spoil her?

The advantage of massages is that they can be performed anywhere and anytime, you do not need special equipment or tools, because only your hands and fingers, and even your feet, become the only means capable of arousing excitement, relaxation, rest, love, and preparation to then make love.

However, you could also include in your massage episodes, a romantic getaway. The palate can be awaken with succulent handles and an occasional glass of wine or champagne. The sight is the most spoiled because it is encouraged to see the naked body of your partner. A perfume or a finely selected lotion would be enough for the smell. The touch will be the master executor of this symphony through massage.

The environment and atmosphere are key for massage and to pamper your partner. A dim light, the comfortable place for the body to relax, the use of oils, fruits such as strawberries and grapes that are always juicy and sweet, look at each other and share without pressure of time each of the moments as if they were infinite.

Couple massages are not rituals where one person actively performs them and the other is dedicated to remain passive and inactive. The ideal is that both participate, give each other caresses, talk to each other, share and exchange the activity so that the benefit is mutual and pleasant. We invite you to use the massage resource very often and without standardized routines, so that creativity and imagination emerge for the benefit of the intimate relationship and the couple.

Science supports us: Sex is one of the most complete exercises in history, since it involves the function of 500 of our muscles.

In a hot half-hour session with your boy you can burn up to 200 calories, similar to what you can achieve in the same time in a spinning or zumba class.

There are even experts who say that the benefits of a good sexual relationship are comparable to those obtained if you practice aerobics, swimming or soccer.

This is explained because the euphoria and well-being that you experience when you enjoy sex are due to the release of endorphins, which function as neurotransmitters that cause the same effect as sports.

And not only your body is benefited with this practice, but also that sex will provide you peace and relaxation and can help you overcome sleep disorders, such as insomnia. It has been found to be a more effective tranquilizer than valium.

If you take care of your heart of cholesterol, then you should also know that passionate encounters twice a week help you reduce your chances of having a heart attack by 50 percent, according to a study from Queen's University in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Meanwhile, the British Medical Journal published that men who have more sex are less likely to suffer degenerative diseases.

Sex increases the supply of oxygen to the cells of our body, stimulating the activity of the organs and the digestive, respiratory and reproductive systems.

And while you're with your partner do not forget the kisses, the two can save a lot in dentist because the saliva of the other cleans the teeth and decreases the acid levels that weaken the enamel.

Oh, if you want more reasons to give yourself free rein, it turns out that your sexuality is intimately linked to your beauty, because in each act you produce estrogen, the sexual hormone responsible for the health of your skin and hair.

The more sex you practice, you increase your chances of more encounters. If your body is very active sexually, produces more pheromones, sex hormones that attract and excite the opposite sex.